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Canon Production Solutions has a wide array of customers who are building their businesses. Hear directly from our customers about their success with Canon solutions.

Canon Production Solutions has a wide array of customers who are building their businesses. Hear directly from our customers about their success with Canon solutions.

through innovation

Take a look at how some of your peers in the printing industry are innovating in order to do more, with the help of Canon Production Solutions.

  • Innovation Spotlight
    AJS Business Imaging Solutions
    AJS, a multi-location hybrid in-plant and independent shop, produces high quality proposals, plans and other materials for a large engineering and architectural enterprise.

    You can’t have the color off. It has to be accurate.

    James La Maire

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  • Innovation Spotlight
    Lake Central Schools
    At Indiana’s Lake Central High Schools, 120 students supported by one instructor run a printshop that uses Océ systems, including the VarioPrint 6160 Ultra, as the core engines that help provide a full suite of services to an entire school district comprised of six elementary schools, three middle schools and a high school.
  • Innovation Spotlight
    The Fenway Group
    In search of innovation and efficiency, The Fenway Group needed a product that could handle a wide range of output, but could also yield a consistent return on investment, now and well into the future. That meant new ideas, customers, and revenue. After partnering with Canon, they experienced new areas for growth, and realized the true potential of their print shop.

    We are well positioned to have a healthy and strong business for the next several decades. The Canon relationship has helped us to evolve into the company that we are.

    Rick Sands
    President of The Fenway Group

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  • Innovation Spotlight
    In-Room Plus
    As a top manufacturer and distributor of snacks and convenience items dedicated to the hotel minibar market, In-Room Plus was looking to grow its business. And to do so, the company needed to showcase its design capabilities. The ability to use spot varnish on short run digital packaging was the company's way forward. By presenting packaging samples that closely represented the final output, In-Room Plus eliminated the need for their clients to imagine the final product, breathing new life into their business.

and improve your workflow

Success is not just a matter of what you produce, but also of how you produce it. Inefficient workflows can diminish productivity and profitability. Take a look at how some of your peers in the printing industry are improving their workflows with the help of Canon Production Solutions.

  • Workflow Spotlight
    Executive Press
    Through their investments in Canon's imagePRESS C7010VPS digital press, varioPRINT DP Line digital press and Océ PRISMAprepare software, Executive Press has saved up to an estimated 10-12 man hours in relation to some of their old processes; enabling prepress staff to devote time to other tasks. Executive Press added digital presses alongside its PRISMA workflow. Their processes became more efficient, enabling prepress staff to devote time to other tasks.

    The {PRISMA} system allows us to produce jobs must faster than we ever produced before.

    David Allen
    General Manager/Co-owner

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  • Workflow Spotlight
    WH Candy
    WH Candy built a very successful and thriving business around printing customized candy wrappers.

    Registration is very important to us . . . . . they have to align perfectly on the sheet or we’re not going to be able to cut them correctly.

    Scott Frederick
    Esq., CEO

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  • Workflow Spotlight
    Schneider Electric
    As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric knows the importance of workflow and efficiency. In this competitive landscape, outsourcing production had begun to affect profitability.
    To expand their capabilities and retain more work in-house, Canon integrated a system that automatically assessed Schneider Electric's data and collated outputs – a job that was previously done manually, reducing the employee manpower hours and allowing projects to be completed in just a few steps. This saved the company nearly 75% in costs compared to external printing providers.
  • Workflow Spotlight
    Quality Imaging
    Quality Imaging Services trusts Canon technology to help ensure a streamlined workflow where less human intervention leads to fewer errors.

    I need a machine that will do more than just put ink on paper…and this is what Canon does.

    Orlando Cales
    VarioPrint Customer

and be more productive

To maximize productivity, you need tools that allow you to keep your shop moving along smoothly. Take a look at how some of your peers in the printing industry are using products and solutions from Canon to help them achieve great productivity.

  • Productivity Spotlight
    One Step
    One Step is a full-service print provider that quickly made a name for itself with a winning combination of high quality results, quick turnaround times, and responsive customer service. With Canon equipment, they regained a quality and versatility that helped raise productivity – and deliver an outstanding product to customers.
  • Productivity Spotlight
    The Elm Press
    As a general commercial printing company adapting to today's printing demands, The Elm Press needed more than the tools to keep up–they needed flexible solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Canon solutions helped them manage color, and improve the throughput of their files and their print applications, leading to an increase in productivity.
  • Productivity Spotlight
    The Cunneen Company and Greko Printing & Imaging
    The Cunneen Company needed fast turnaround and outstanding quality. Greko was looking for consistent quality with their output. Both found the solutions they were looking for with Canon, helping each automate their workflow so they could bid on jobs they might not have been able to take on otherwise. Both shops look to continually update their technology to provide their customers with productive, economical, and versatile equipment.

    We've been able to double our output at roughly half the price

    Jon Cunneen
    President of the Cunneen Company

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